Price and Variation

Our system MAPS (Minimum Advertised Price) for 7500$. This is not necessarily your price, but it should be advertised online no less than that price.  If it is advertised ONLINE at less than 7500$, it is not the original YELLOW BOX and should be avoided. Because we are the original inventor, we are able to offer the best price and support. 

We also understand the system and how it works, so we offer variations of the system, packaged deals, and quantity breaks.  Custom modifications are available.  We build the units in Chicago; we are proud to support American made products!

Yellow 1:

This is the original system.  It includes everything needed for 1 listener.

Yellow 2:

This is the original system, 2 listeners.

Yellow 3:

This system is a 1 listener unit.  An alarm system is included.

Yellow 4:

This is a 2 listener unit with alarm system.

Yellow 5:

2 Listener system with alarm and camera.

A la carte:

Add an additional video monitor, camera, add a listener, customize your earpiece, customize your alarm settings, alarm trigger, and alarm notification.  In addition, we also sell earbuds, replacement parts and other custom items.