Several years ago one of the nation’s largest underground boring companies came to us with a problem.  They showed us 5 or 6 different wireless monitoring systems they were using.  Each of these exhibited some major problems.  System failures were constant and ongoing on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis.  Our engineering staff built 2 prototypes for them which they used in the field for almost 2 months.  Then they ordered 10 units.  Within 6 months, we had shipped over 140 systems to them.  It has proven to them that this system is necessary in preventing sewer hits, gas line hits, and water pipeline hits. 

Since then, we have acquired more than one hundred customers that continue to purchase new units as new rigs are built.  We have repaired 10 year old units for less than 50$. One of our units was run over by a Bobcat and was sent into us for repair. The guts were fine. We only had to replace the case.

Additionally, about a half a dozen states in the US have made it a state regulation to use our WMS-1B.

Recently, another company tried duplicating our "yellow box" and was trying to sell them online.  Be aware, this is not the ORIGINAL "yellow box."  The ORIGINAL yellow box resides here.  Please see the links under OUR FOUNDER from Pipeline and Underground Construction recognizing us as the actual inventor. 

We called the company that tried to replicate our invention and found that they DO NOT have the knowledge and experience to support you and your company.  They have no understanding of the product.