The Original Yellow Box

We are the ORIGINAL inventors of the WMS-1B, otherwise known as the YELLOW BOX.  Please see the links in OUR FOUNDER from Pipeline and Underground Construction recognizing us as the original INVENTOR.

  • We offer 24 hour a day, 365 days a year support on this unit.
  • Warrantied for 2 years.
  • We offer advance replacements so that your job may continue even when troubles arise.
  • New units are on the shelf at all times, ready to ship same-day.
  • We have had a 0% return rate due to customer satisfaction.
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The WMS-1B wireless monitoring system was developed by Audio Supply to serve the Horizontal Underground Drilling Industry. It has proven to be useful where drilling has been done in close proximity to underground utilities such as sewer, water, and gas pipes.

How It Works

By monitoring the sound of the drill-head, it is possible to identify when it meets an obstruction such as a gas line or sewer connection.  This is done by placing a microphone in a nearby manhole to listen to the sound of the drill as it progresses.  It takes some practice to recognize the change in pitch when the drill meets an obstacle, but many become very good at this.  Many municipalities and counties are  requiring the driller to employ the WMS-1B.

Reduces Costs

The WMS-1B has proven to reduce the costs that accompany unwanted utility hits.

  • Reduces the loss of man hours
  • Reduces damage to properties
  • Reduces the cost of after hour repairs